You insure your car, Now insure your Wine!

Glenn Carr
20th January 2017

One thing that often comes up when introducing Wine on Tap to customers is the deposits required on Steel Kegs.

At first it seems a lot of money to put forward as a deposit but in the grand scheme of things it is nothing more than a good investment.

When using bottles, bag in box and plastic kegs (Key Kegs) there is a high chance of wastage from breakages. Once the breakages come, then the loss of profit follows. You can not undo time.

Using Steel is an investment in your profits as there is a very slim chance of the steel splitting and leaving you to mop up what could have been your profits.

Look from another perspective. We all have car insurance and at the best of times it can be at around a Third of the amount of what the car is worth. We insure our cars and other personal belongings to prevent a major loss encase we have an accident, resulting in a financial payout which would have been worse if we did not have the insurance.

So when you look at a keg of wine that cost you say £200.00 but the retail value of that keg could be within the region of £600.00+ then having the extra protection of steel is well worth it. What would you rather do, opt for a plastic keg (Plastic is the Enemy of wine anyway) a bottle etc which has a chance of being broken, or pay a small deposit to protect you profits, products and your business interests.


I know what i would rather do! #steelwines

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