You can Make a Difference, Today!

Glenn Carr
5th January 2017

You can make a difference Today with your Wine profits as well as the most important, The Environment.

Technology has taken us to incredible lengths to make our daily lives better. One of these ways came in the form of Wine on Tap / Wine by the Glass.

Wine from a Steel Keg / Wine on Tap gives the consumer 1 thing a bottle can not, Freshness. And a Keg also gives the environment something the Bottle will never do, SUSTAINABILITY.

Say goodbye to endless bottles ending up at recycling plants or landfill, and welcome Stainless Steel Kegs of wine where, you will never need to throw a bottle away and never tip away or, in some cases, cook with oxidized wine again.

Opt for Wine on Tap the ultimate way to give freshness to both the Consumer and the Environment.

Have a wonderful Day.

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