Why Wine on Tap?

Glenn Carr
6th January 2017

Why would someone choose to purchase a glass of wine that comes from a tap? Simple, Freshness!

When choosing to purchase a glass of wine there are so many factors that can go wrong. Oxidized wine, Corked Wine, Sediment, Wrong Temperature etc. These factors have an impact on the consumer. I know people that wont drink a full glass of Red because they are worried that there may be sediment in the glass, Even if they can see there is nothing there. They have been put off that much, from a bad experience.

Wine on Tap from Steel Kegs, allows us reduce the chances of finding sediment in the glass. In fact i have never seen any sediment pass through our taps, so straight away it will be more pleasurable for the consumer.

The main reason to choose a glass of wine from a tap is Freshness. In steel kegs the wine does not require as many sulfites to keep it from spoiling. The steel plays a big part in that as it does not allow oxygen to penetrate causing the wine to oxidize like it does with Glass bottles, Bag in Box wines or even Plastic Kegs.

So next time you see wine on tap in the UK and if i comes from a steel keg, then you know your in safe hands. #steelwines

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