Why Steel not Plastic?

Glenn Carr
4th January 2017

Why Steel not Plastic?

Plastic and Oxygen are the 2 enemy’s of wine, so why would you put the two together?? it baffles me. Any sort of plastic container allows oxygen to perforate and make contact with the precious contents which is Your Wine. Due to this the quality of the wine will decrease continuously.

There is a way to stop this. Forget Bag in Box Wines, Forget Key Kegs (Plastic Kegs) and opt for the only thing that is worth using, Steel Kegs.

Wine on Tap has been around for decades. Using Steel containers has been around for half a century in vineyards, because there is nothing better to store your wine in to keep it fresh.

Wine on Tap in the UK is becoming increasingly popular but most are still using these two villains of wne.

Keep your Wine protected and treat it with the care it demands. #steelkegs #wineontapuk #winebytheglass

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