The Way Wine Makers intended!

Glenn Carr
20th January 2017

Here at EAC ltd we are strong believers that wine should be served and enjoyed the way the Wine Makers intend them to be.

Serving wine by the tap allows us to do exactly that. The system is engineered specifically for wine and creating the optimum service from freshness to speed of service.

The wine in our steel kegs is tapped by using 100% Nitrogen. Using an inert gas and steel kegs prevent oxygen coming into contact with the wine, stopping any chances of oxidization. Due to this we also reduce the amount of sulphites required just to extend the sell by date in a bottle, giving the consumer a fresh glass of wine every time WITHOUT fail.

As a byproduct we also reduce the amount of recycling / landfill waste as kegs are reusable. No more corks, Bottles, labels, shipping boxes which is just an unnecessary waste which to some businesses also cost, hurting their bottom line.

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