Sediment in my Glass!

Glenn Carr
12th January 2017

Now i am sure most people who drink wine will have come across this in the bottom of their glass. But its not a nice thing to see let alone be surprised by it working its way down your throat before you new it was there.

In one of our local watering-holes, we were there enjoying a few glasses of the house wine and suddenly we saw the intruders. Over the the few hours that passed there was a 100% rate of sediment in the bottom of every glass, something that has never happened before.  Even changing the wines, there were still some little bits at the bottom. After swallowing some of the sediment before knowing it was there, was the worst part as it was not the nicest of  sensations.

There are many types of Sediment that can form in wine but this should not have been an aging sediment as it was a non vintage wine. Lees should be filtered out several times by the winemakers before the bottling process as well. So the only thing i could put it down to was that the wine had been processed in traditional European Methods where they don’t rely on the Modern Cold Stabilization and Filtration Processes which hinder the Tartrate Development.

In a Modern world we should be concentrating on making the consumers experience a better one, and sediment in a glass is certainly one that can be reduced / excluded.

Draught Wine from our kegs will remove the chances of sediment passing through into the glass. In fact i cant recall on one instance where it has.

Draught Wine – Smarter, Fresher and Sustainable (and no sediment)

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