Problems with Corks?

Glenn Carr
19th January 2017

Just the other day at our local Restaurant, I was talking the the Manager about how they store their wines and about the sediment appearing in one of our wines.

He told me that they have little space for storage and have been struggling with one wine in particular mentioning that the corks are continually breaking in the bottle. Which was a real issue for him as he had to be careful not to serve a wine with cork pieces in it plus the service time had been prolonged due to this. And if the cork had broken down completely into the bottle, then it would end up effecting their profits as the bottle would need to be discarded.

I preceded to inform him that there is a way to prevent the corks breaking in their bottles, which of course is by turning the bottle on its side and every now and then rotating it to prevent the cork from drying out. But then i said there is a better way to combat all three of his issues, Corks Breaking, Storage Space and Service times. Now if you have seen my blogs before or are aware of what we specialise in then you know whats coming next. If not then i am glad you have seen this post.

The answer to his problems is quite simply, Wine on Tap. Wine on tap (from stainless steel kegs) gives the consumer a fresh glass every time with no corks in sight. One keg holds the equivalent of 26 bottles which takes up very little room. Plus with wine on tap you will never serve an inferior wine which has oxidized, has pieces of cork in it plus very little chance of any sediment being digested by the customer.

It’s a WIN, WIN, WIN.

If you would like to discuss with me how Wine on Tap will benefit you business and your customers then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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