Over 55 TONNES of Empty Wine Bottles … Reduced!

Glenn Carr
14th April 2016

We as a company have very specific goals in mind when it comes to serving wine. One of these goals is to remove the unnecessary wastage that we produce just to enjoy a Glass or Two.

With technology we can reduce a lot of waste and increase quality. For example, using our stainless steel kegs (100% sustainable) to dispense wine we can reduce:

  • Carbon Emissions from Shipping
  • Reduction in unnecessary packaging, corks/ screw tops, labels, boxes etc

If one bar was to go through 1 x 20 liter keg per week (the equivalent to 26 bottles) for 1 year they would reduce:

  • 1352 bottles from recycling and landfill
  • 113 Shipping Boxes
  • 1352 Corks / Screw Caps
  • 1352 Labels

This is just from one bar using 1 keg per week. Imagine if we could have 100 bars going through the same amount of wine weekly, this would remove 135,200 bottles per year from recycling. That’s over 55 tonnes of even the light weight bottles being reduced.

Its time to join the REVOLUTION which is WINE ON TAP and make a difference #showyoursteel #Steelwines

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