One simple product to increase Wine profits by decreasing costs and losses!

Glenn Carr
10th January 2017

Many On-Trade businesses have costs when it comes to wine. The two main contributors are Recycling Costs and Wastage Costs.

Take Wastage costs first. Its not the cost of the open bottle that has oxidized, its the loss of profit which is the cost. If the bar was to have 2 glasses of 175ml left in a bottle which was not used for several days and they were charging £4.00 per glass they will have just lost £8.00 due to oxidization. The cost of that bottle will have been somewhere in the region of £3.50 to purchase, but the loss of those two glasses is what is affecting the bottom line not the loss of the cost.

Also many businesses have to pay for the recycling of empty glass bottles. While it is true they will still have these costs for coke bottles, water bottles and beer bottles, the charges are measured by weight. So the fewer bottles they throw out the more of their profit they hold onto. Maybe to give their staff an increase in salary or to put the funds into redevelopment to give the customer a new experience.

All of this can be done with Wine-On-Tap. Using Steel kegs keeps the wine fresh for an unlimited time. Yes unlimited. This is because of the engineering behind the science of wine. No more bottles being wasted from oxygenation and a reduction in costs for recycling.

1 simple product to increase profits by decreasing costs and losses.

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