How to Eliminate the Number 1 Enemy of Wine!

Glenn Carr
16th January 2017

Oxidization is the number one enemy of Wine and a knock on effect for your profits.
When serving a glass of wine in a bar / restaurant from a bottle, it is not uncommon that the wine tastes different from when the bottle was first opened. Due to oxidization you never get the same consistency throughout.
If you wish to be consistent with serving wine and wish to remove the cost of having to pour the rest of the bottle away due to oxidization, then what we can offer you is exactly that.
Stainless Steel (SS) is used by vineyards throughout. This is because SS does not let oxygen penetrate the layers, keeping the wine fresh until the bottling stages. Normally Vineyards use 24,000 litre size vats to store their wine.
The way we store our wine is exactly the same, although not in 24,000 litre vats. We store our wines in 20 litre kegs which hold the equivalent of 26 bottles. This way we keep oxygen out, giving consistency throughout the kegs, the first drop is always as fresh as the last.
So if you are looking to reduce wastage and increase profitability (whilst becoming even more sustainable) then this wine on tap system is right for you.
Contact us for more information about how we can be of service to you and your consumers.
Have a wonderful day.

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