How Long do Kegs Last?

Our Still wines have an Unlimited sell by date, due to being tapped by Oxygen-free Nitrogen and being stored in a Stainless Steel Keg.

Sparkling Wine is 6 months unopened and 52 days when open. Please note that our sparkling wines are stored in one way kegs.

Ready Made Cocktails are 12 Months Unopened and 6 months when penetrated. The Spritz is best to be consumed within 2 weeks of opening.

Is the equipment free?

Yes. We invest in you so you can start benefiting straight away. There is an average purchase quantity needed on regular basis but this will depend on the terms set out with each individual venue / restaurant.

Are there any hidden costs?

There are no hidden costs. You will only pay for the Wine and Nitrogen / C02 to dispense the product. There is a deposit required for the Kegs. This is what we call a rolling deposit. Should you wish to end the relationship with us that deposit will be credited back to your account.

Why is there a deposit to pay for the Keg?

The deposit is to use Stainless Steel Kegs which is an insurance for your profits. Stainless Steel will protect your profits from breakages. The Deposits are what we call “Rolling Deposits” so when we pick up an empty keg and deliver a fresh one the deposit automatically rolls over.

How many litres does 1 bottle of nitrogen last?

This will depend on how far away the Nitrogen is from the tapping unit. For example if the bottle is 5 metres away from the tap, you will probably average around 800 litres per one bottle.