The Environment

We as humans enjoy a vast amount of luxuries and necessities which have a big impact on our environment. Some of these luxuries even come at a cost to businesses to recycle or remove such packaging. Now with Draught wine in kegs you will reduce these costs to your business but also play your part in making sure that the Carbon Footprint and unnecessary packaging for commercial waste is reduced for the future generations.

If we take a second to think of the amount of packaging it takes to get a bottle of wine to retail. You need to purchase a bottle, fill it and cork it, seal the bottle, label it, pack it in to a box, put on to a create to ship and finally wrapped in film to prevent boxes falling during transport. Most of the materials just mentioned, end up in Landfill. With kegs we just fill a reusable keg, use a nylon rope to hold securely on a pallet and ship it. All materials are used over and over again. Its that simple how much packaging you prevent ending up in landfill.