Advantages compared to Bottles/ Bag in Box / Key Kegs:

✔ A lower sulphite content gives the consumer a fresh glass every time which is the way vineyards intend their wines to be enjoyed.

✔ No more wastage from open bottles/ boxes that you cannot serve. Every drop from our Steel Kegs will be just as fresh as the first.

✔ Serve wine at the optimum temperature.

✔ Wine by the Glass / Carafe.

✔ Recycling Costs reduced

✔ Speed of service

✔ Increase space As 1 keg hold 26 bottles

✔ Unlimited Sell by Date

✔ Consistent Quality Throughout

✔ Steel kegs are impermeable to Oxygen. Plastic, Aluminium Foil (Bag in Box) or even bottles offer little protection compared to this.

✔ Steel Kegs protect your profits from breakages, which Bottles and Key Kegs can not prevent