Bars & Restaurants… How to remove Recycling Costs Effectively.

Glenn Carr
23rd January 2017

Recycling is obviously a good thing, but can eat into your profits. Where bars and restaurants are concerned, recycling comes at a cost. This in its self is enough to turn some business’s off the idea as it eats into their profit.

So, if i were to introduce you to a way where,there is no need to recycle empty bottles, to remove the costs completely and maximize your GP whilst becoming environmentally friendly, i am sure most of you agree this would be a great for all business’s.

Enter Draught Wine by Steel Kegs. The ONLY way wine should be stored. Steel kegs are reusable which means 100% Sustainable.

With kegs you can get

  • 100% yield,
  • Unlimited sell by date
  • No recycling costs to pay as there is nothing to recycle and,
  • It will increase your GP.

All this can be done whilst serving GREAT wine by the TAP.

If you would like any more information on how Draught wine can help both your Business and the Environment contact us straight away.

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