As Early as the 60’s

Glenn Carr
11th January 2017

Emile Peynaud observed that Stainless Steel Tanks were having huge success within the Dairy Industry in the early 60’s, and thought that it could revolutionize wine making as well. Chateau Haut Brion, a legendary Bordeaux producer, listened to Peynaud and in 1961 was one of the first wineries in the World to have Stainless Steel Tanks installed.

Stainless Steel offered many benefits from controlling the fermentation temperature, never adding to the taste of the wine unlike Oak barrels, to preventing oxygen from penetrating and starting the oxidization process.

Stainless Steel revolutionized wine making as they once new it in the 60’s. We use the same technology even today, and are now able to serve wine from Stainless Steel Kegs to give consumers better quality.

And to top it off, Stainless Steel has a longer life span compared to its counterparts of Oak Barrels, Bottles and Plastic, Making it Environmentally friendly.

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