Advantages for Wine on Tap compared to bottles:

Glenn Carr
9th January 2017

Advantages for Wine on Tap compared to bottles:

Wine on Tap has a Lower Sulphite content: Sulphites are added to wine for a shelf life, When the wine is stored in kegs and tapped by nitrogen (an inert gas), we can reduce the amount of additives as the wine is kept fresh at all times. Serve a glass just as the vineyards intend their wines to be enjoyed.

Never serve oxidised or corked wine again with wine on tap, so reduce the amount of unnecessary wastage and turn it back into profit as every drop from the keg is as fresh as the first.

No more recycling. Reduce recycling costs and become a greener company straight away. Our kegs are stainless steel so once empty we pick them up, clean and sterilize them and refill ready to be sent back out.

Always serve at the correct temperature. Wine on Tap gives you the ease off mind to always serve at the optimum temperature. No more time wasted stocking up fridges several hours before the wine needs to be served.

Space Saving. One keg holds just over 26 75cl bottles.

Quality is not compromised. When the wine is stored in kegs it is always kept fresh. The wines we use are from Vineyards known for their quality. All wines are IGP level.

Customers can benefit from buying a litre of Wine (4 large glasses) instead of a bottle (3 Large glasses).

There are plenty more benefits to using draught wine in kegs , so if you would like more information please do not hesitate to contact us.

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